Rainforest Alliance Coffee

Small-scale farmers run the vast majority of the world’s 12.5 million coffee farms; in fact, almost three-fourths of the world’s coffee comes from small farms such as theirs. The Rainforest Alliance works with more than 400,000 certified coffee producers in Latin America, East Africa, and Asia—most of them smallholders—covering an estimated 1 million hectares of land.

But coffee growers face many challenges, including rising temperatures, plant diseases, climate shocks, and unstable prices The Rainforest Alliance works to better position coffee farmers by connecting them with responsible markets, and by providing trainings in climate-smart and regenerative growing practices that boost yields and incomes. Our certification program also promotes innovations like digital record-keeping; requirements for coffee buyers to invest in sustainable production; and a continuous improvement model that incentivizes farmers to move forward along the path of sustainability.

And since the well-being of farmers and workers is vital to the sustainability of any agricultural business, the Rainforest Alliance certification program also promotes the human rights of those working in the coffee sector.

Find out more: https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/insights/rainforest-alliance-certified-coffee/

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